Fairfax Fletcher Youth Basketball 

Fairfax Fletcher Youth 

Basketball, Inc.

PO Box 146

Fairfax, VT  05454


Board Members

Nathan Muehl

FFYBB President 



Chris Benjamin

FFYBB Treasurer


Samantha Sweet

FFYBB Board Member


Jake Maddocks

FFYB Board Member


Stephenie Hebert

FFYBB Board Member


Al Maynard

FFYBB Board Member


Lara Scott

FFYBB Board Member


Welcome to the Fairfax Fletcher Youth Basketball Website!

Registration Is OPEN!!!!

Closes October 15th! 

Please click on the Online Registration and Forms tab above!

For any questions, please contact  ffybballvt@gmail.com

The Young Athlete: A Sports Doctor's Complete Guide for Parents (Metzl& Shookhoff):

 “…..kids who participate in organized sports do better in school, have better interpersonal skills, are more team oriented, and are generally healthier.  Participation in sports provides opportunities for leadership and socialization, as well as the development of skills for handling success and failure.  Moreover, when playing games, children learn how rules work. They see how groups need rules to keep order, that the individual must accept the rules for the good of the group, that rules entail a consideration of the rights of others. They also learn about competition, but within a restricted and safe system where the consequences of losing are minimized."